We are Manifatture Sigaro Toscano S.p.A., a company manufacturing a historic Italian product.

Founded in 1815 at the factory in Florence, the Monopoli di Stato (State Monopolies) manufactured the famous cigar until 2004, when the company British American Tobacco Italia purchased, from the Ente Tabacchi Italiani (Italian Tobacco Organization, created specifically for privatization) all the business interests involved in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of tobacco-based products that had been previously conducted by the State Monopolies.

Gaetano Maccaferri

In July 2006, the company returned to Italian ownership, when it was acquired by the Maccaferri Industrial Group, run by the historic Bologna-based Maccaferri family.



Our mission is to introduce to the whole world a unique product that represents an italian culture and tradition: "The TOSCANO cigar".


Our company, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano S.p.A., was founded in July 2006. On that date, the Maccaferri Industrial Group – through the Holding S.E.C.I. S.p.A. – and British American Tobacco (BAT) Italia S.p.A completed the operation for the purchase of the cigar-related business segment on the part of the Bologna-based Group.

The agreement included the sale of the factories in Lucca and Cava dè Tirreni (SA), the Buying Station at Foiano della Chiana (AR), and the sales structure located in Rome.

These are the dates of the changes in ownership over recent years, starting from the Monopoli di Stato:

. 1999-2004
: Manufacturing and sales were transferred from the Monopoli di Stato to E.T.I., Ente Tabacchi Italiani spa.

. 2004-2006
: In 2004, BAT Italia purchased the Toscano cigar from E.T.I. SpA (Ente Tabacchi Italiani, a structure created for the privatization of all manufacturing, marketing and distribution activities for tobacco-based products that were previously controlled by Monopoli di Stato).

. July 2006
: The Maccaferri Group purchased ownership of the historic Italian cigar from British American Tobacco for 95 million euro. The new company MANIFATTURE SIGARO TOSCANO S.p.A. was founded.

.January 2008: Manifatture Sigaro Toscano acquires the cigar brand Pedroni, from the Swiss Group Burger Sonhe. A new line of Italian cigars is launched on the international market – alongside the historical TOSCANO® – for a more wide range and structured growth.

In only seven years the TOSCANO® cigar has achieved international fame and is now exported in more than 40 countries. With its almost 12 million cigars sold outside Italy, the TOSCANO® cigar is renowned as an icon of the Italian Style.



  • Turnover: 90 million euro (supply quota figure).
  • Production: over 180 mln cigars (3 ml of these are hand made).
  • The Italian market quota of cigars and cigarillos is 30%.
  • Export: the Toscano cigar is distributed in more than 40 Countries, primarily in Europe, Canada, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Japan and Turkey. It is also present in italian duty-free shops, cruise ships and airports, and frontier shops in Canada, Austria, Moldavia, Tunis, Egypt, Switzerland and Turkey.